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I’ve been staring at the blank space of my notes app for the past hour trying to think of a way to introduce today’s blog post and I’m lost.

But, how are you guys? How was your week? I truly hope you all are fine cause from my end, all I want to say is; This adulting thing is not easy.

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‘Most times I wonder if it’s even worth it in the end’ she sighed
‘If what’s worth it?’ He replied turning to look at the girl beside him with her scattered hair looking at the setting sun cast its amber glow across the beach its temporary inhabitants.
‘Love and all that it comes with’
‘I gave him everything, my love, my time, my money, my body, everything, I could give, I gave’
Taking a stone, she threw it as far as she could and it landed in the wet sand where the tides frequently played and all things got washed up.

The shoreline and its washed-up inhabitants weren’t much different from Toni’s conundrum. What she felt when she saw him melt in the arms of another was just that, washed up. she shrugged and sighed at the thought.

‘Yea, you gave him all those things, but did you give him the 2 things he probably wanted the most?’ He replied
‘What?’ She asked a little more aggressively, obviously annoyed by the balls on her brother for questioning her efforts.
‘Peace of mind and Understanding’

With a sad smile she turned back to look at the view in front of her, the glowing sun, a crisp circle in the bloody sky, illuminated a quivering path across the water, dipping below the horizon, as the fleeting colors of dark began to fade away. She knew it would always come to that, the great demands, peace, patience, understanding, always demanding, yet never really seeing the side of the one its demanded of, never really wanting to know her plight, never wanting to walk in these shoes that seem to have become too painful to carry on in.
If only he knew what she desperately wanted… if only…

‘I probably didn’t’ she said without taking her eyes off the immense scenery, so that the fire in the sky was reflected in her deep brown iris’s.
‘You see….’ he started, raising her index finger she cut him short eagerly, getting the affirmation she solely needed, the blood red sky only fed into grievance as she sought out the courage and words to make known her reasons… no… there wouldn’t be need for much talk… she headed straight for the gun..

‘Only because he didn’t give me the one thing, I needed the most’
What’s was that??
She fired.


Dying Sights

Hi guys!!!

Welcome back to TheFabler, I hope your week was great? Mine was a rollercoaster of emotions, but thankfully it ended well.

I want to thank everyone who took their time to read and share my first blog post, I was overwhelmed by the number, thank you all so much.

I do hope you enjoy this as much as you enjoyed the introduction

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The halls of St Worthington’s were as clean as a hospital ward in the rich, upper-class town of Stanford green could be. The clock methodically struck 3:00pm as the intercom system crackled to life, with the shrill voice known to be common to rich nurses with “I don’t need this job” looks on their faces.
Shelly Crawford and what was left of her family made their way mechanically through the gleaming halls, thoughts of how this would be the last time they would have to lead this path through these same halls to the same room; 104, screaming quietly in their minds. They all arrived clearly reluctant to go through the doors and face the reality that existed on the other side of this door.
The doctor opened the door just as Shelly reached for the handle of the hospital room door, he walked out to face the family and closed the door behind him in one swift, practiced motion.
‘He won’t make it’ the doctor said sadly, pausing only to look at the tensed women more closely briefly before adding , ‘but you can all go in and talk to him for a few minutes’ as he walked away leaving the 4 women by themselves in violent fits of tears.

One by one with tears filled eyes, his mother and siblings walked into the hospital room, the last person shutting the door firmly behind them.
The aseptic smell of carbolic acid tinged with a metallic tang of iron filled their nostrils as they surrounded his hospital bed, being careful of the attached IV’s, heart monitor and oxygen tank.
‘Mum’ he barely audibly croaked as he reached out for a dying breath as the rich almond color of his mums skin, melded with the cyan of her favorite top by unshed tears filled his vision, a sad smile slowly crept beneath his nostrils as he tried to match his breath to the feeling of the machines that surrounded the bed but he couldn’t talk, they stopped at the edge of bed, his siblings trying to comfort each other while his mum could barely keep her eyes open,the tears had blocked that ability, only stringent sobs crawled out.

Her hair was a wild mix of deep blonde curls only slightly discernable from the lighter ones. Harry had insisted in his stubborn way that she be dressed as beautifully as she could for this last meeting. Reinforcing her resolve, she walked up to him with tears streaming down her checks and her nostrils letting through fat wads of catarrh that escaped her steep sniffs. She sat on the bed as he slowly raised his hands to wipe her tears.
‘Stop crying ma, I ain’t leaving till I taste this afternoon soup, it’s to die for… literally’ The words barely came out as he looked at his mother’s eyes with a small sad smile.
She managed the semblance of a smile beneath uneven, body wracking sobs and tears. It was the first glimmer of happiness she’d had all month. He still had a great sense of humor, even with everything that had happened.
‘That’s my girl’, he cooed as excitedly as, the oxygen machine jerked violently in an effort to keep up with his short, shallow breaths, but the pain brought him to clarity. He continued, ‘Can you please do me a favor?” he whispered to her
‘What’s that?’ she managed to almost rap, as the words came out in short repetitious bursts
‘Call Zoe. I want to see her face one last time.’
This time, she could only nod to beckon on his older sister to bring her phone so they could grant his request.

Riiinggg… the phone vibrated as they waited for her to pick
‘Hello’ Zoe answered as her baby blue irises filled the screen before zooming out to show off her petite, streamline body in a black tank top.
‘Hey Princess’
‘Hey baby, how are you doing?’
‘Been better’, he said as he smiled weakly.
She understood what this meant. She tried to smile back at him while holding the tears that had gathered on brink of her lower lashes and now threatened to fall.
‘When my mum gets back she’ll give my phone to you. You know the password to it already. I wrote a bunch of stuff for you and the password is what you call me. She’ll also give you your favorite book just so you always have me around you.’ He said watching her nod to every word.
‘I would say I’d be home tonight for that magical candlelight dinner that’s bound to remind you of our first date, but hold on to that memory no matter what. I’ll always be right by your side’. He paused, watching her nod again with the tears now rolling freely down her eyes, all the resolve leaving her body at the realization of what this was.
‘I love you princess. I really just wanted your face and that of my family to be the last ones I see. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side’
‘I love you always babe’ she whispered.

Sweeter words had never been spoken from the lips of an angel. But life is a bitch and even now, she steadily choked the last ounces of happiness from Harry’s lungs. It hit him cold in the face. He could never have imagined it at all if anyone had told him. But here he was as they held the phone steady, his face to the screen, what he could’ve sworn were the devil’s eyes beaming back. Two dark brown eyeballs piercing his framed only by the bulk of a lean fighters’ body disappearing behind the now simply human Zoe.

No. She was no angel. She was a demon coated in perfect olive skin. The darkness slowly took over as the world around him faded into nothingness… slowly he shook, then, rigidly and finally, it all stopped. Everything went dark, except those eyes.
The eyes of Harry Maguire, his best friend.

The IV machine ran straight.

My Introduction


Happy New Year guys and Welcome to TheFabler

Gosh!! This feels super surreal as I’ve been meaning to start blogging since I knew what the word meant but like always fear stopped me.

I decided this year was going to be different, I wasn’t going to let fear break my neck so here I am, I’m both excited and scared to start this new ‘Blogging Phase’ but i promise to give it my all and try to be consistent.

A Quick Introduction,

My name is Tia, I’m a 25 year old Economist currently serving her fatherland in Abuja. When I’m not working or lazing around , you’d find me reading, writing, listening to music, or surfing the internet.

I’m budding writer who is trying to discover herself and find her place.

On TheFabler, I’d be writing short stories on basically everything and anything I can think of; issues around me, passing thoughts and ideas or personal gists.

So please walk with me on this Journey.

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The Introduction

She savoured the taste of her smoothie as she relayed its texture in her mind, the vanilla made it a perfect cloud in a bottle. The same cloud her head was stuck in as she went to sit in her favourite place in the house, ‘Her little haven’ her sisters called it, as it was her ticket to travel round the world and boy did she travel. Her little wooden chair and table which sat perfectly close to the window, where she could explore the worlds her books brought her into.

In the mornings she’d read, look out into the sky and day dream about different places and at night she had the stars to travel with her. She had always wanted to see the world,visit places, experience the cultures and ways of people in the places she went but She couldn’t; at least not yet, so She had her books and imaginations to help fill the void for now.

She stared at her new to be favourite things. Her ordinary black bic and the rectangular stack of white pages, each filled with the phantom of stories her hands itched to pour out.

Time and time again she had been a traveller, roaming through places the books she read took her. Places stuck in the pages, magically lifting her eerie mind through oblivious channels arriving at fantastical points, yet never really leaving the context of a line a meaning.

It motivated her.


She was scared, she was ready to tell her own stories, she wanted a chance at taking people through different journies, and even though she was scared, she decided it was time to tell her own stories and for once be the guide for these wonderful trips her mind was constructing even now.

She placed the tip of her bic on the first page and her hands began to move just as her mind did, sprawling away the voices in her head, converting thoughts to words and sentences into while adventures, scribbling the pains she felt, scrawling the joy that ebbed through her veins while screaming through her words.

That began her passion for writing. Some days she had different ideas to put down on her books, and others she reached a wall that sometimes she found insurmountable but still she didn’t stop.

Crossing another bridge, she decided it was time to take care of a fear of hers and create an avenue to get more people to travel through worlds with her.

Staring at the screen infront of her as she came back from her reverie,

Smiling and typing away at her thoughts she wrote…….


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